Granary Arts Swapping Stories


November 1, 2014 - February 6, 2015


Be a part of the take-one-leave-one story swap interactive exhibit:

1. Using the materials provided in the gallery (or your own at home) create a 3.5" square work of art that expresses your journey story. If you'd like, respond to one of the following questions:

• Think of a journey you have been on. What did you bring and what did you leave behind?

• Think of a memorable experience you had vacationing; what did that journey say about yourself, your culture, and your identity? You may think of a symbol that represents the memorable experience.

2. Add your card to the collective stories on display.

3. Take an artwork made by someone else, as long as you replace it with a work of your own.


Header image: Swapping Stories (installation)