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DANNY HUNT/ A Night of Experimental Cinema

Raisin, film, 13 minutes

Raisin is a colorful and nightmarish film about two young sisters who are abducted by strange, faceless creatures that pretend to be their parents. It is narrative fiction that was heavily influenced by experimental and avant-garde cinema. Raisin was Hunt’s senior-capstone film at Brigham Young University and an official selection at the Atlanta Film Festival and FilmQuest

Schedel, film, 3 minutes

Schedel, German for “skull”, observes a young girl as she explores a shallow grave in the woods. The viewer shares in her unlikely experience from the perspective of an innocent child. The film was shot entirely on an iPhone.

Grandpa, film, 3 minutes

Grandpa, an animated short film about an unsuspecting boy who visits his eerie Grandfather, results in an unforeseen transcendental experience. The film was created using hand-drawn models that were scanned and digitally animated.

A Typickal Melungeon, film, 5 minutes

A Typickal Melungeon is a silent short-film that follows a rural Appalachian man who goes on a surreal journey with a mysterious guide after eating psychoactive berries.