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In Conjunction / Ryan Simmons

Drawing on the rich heritage of the historic Relief Society Granary building, both as a structure and as a place of communal gathering, In Conjunction uses elements of the structure as a medium to explore what it means to exist within a community, as well as the impact one can have upon their community. In Conjunction features a compilation of stop motion animation works created by individuals throughout the community using oolite sand, which is then and formatted by the artist to be projected onto the exterior of the Granary Arts building. 

Stop by Granary Arts to participate in the animation process.

Projection Time:

Thursday, April 25th / 8-10pm

Animation Times:

Wednesday April 17 / 11am – 5pm 

Friday April 19 / 11am-2pm 

Saturday April 20 / 11am – 5pm 

Wednesday April 24 / 11am – 3pm 

About the Artist

Ryan Simmons is a Snow College student exploring multiple facets of art and creativity. While working towards his AFA degree Ryan is also an intern at Granary Arts and is the Head Art Editor for Weeds, Snow College literary publication. He finds a deep interest in installation and interactive works and is currently exploring ideas pertaining to religion, identity, and community.