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Feistiness and Faith - The Story of Ephraim's Relief Society Granary / Rhonda Lauritzen

The Heritage Conference will take place on Snow College campus, in the auditorium of the Karen H. Hunstman Library.

Although Women first got the vote in Utah, their voice was still faint in public affairs. But when Brigham Young became frustrated with half-hearted male efforts to store up food, he put the women in charge. Nowhere was the grain storage program more successful than in Ephraim, where the Relief Society stockpiled thousands of bushels of wheat. Their beautiful granary became a symbol of women’s affairs on Main Street and may have been the finest of any built in Zion. Today it is most important relic of the historic Relief Society grain program. This is a story of how much these women accomplished with so little. 

About the Speaker
Rhonda Lauritzen is a professional biographer specializing in placemaking, oral history, and personal stories. She is the founder of Evalogue.Life, regularly presents on the power of sharing true stories, and is the author of multiple books. In addition, Lauritzen has served as a public relations director and senior Vice President at the Ogden-Weber Technical College. Before that, she was CEO of her family’s business, which inspired first book. She has years of presentation experience, including at conferences like RootsTech, and she regularly teaches.