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History and Restoration Efforts of the Ephraim Co-Op Building / Sandra Lanier & Kathleen Peterson

The Heritage Conference will take place on Snow College campus, in the auditorium of the Karen H. Hunstman Library.

The pioneer story of this beautiful limestone building is rivaled only by the incredible fight for it’s restoration by dedicated and passionate preservation minded citizens. The Co-Op building is a masterpiece of early Sanpete architecture and its history is linked to the beginnings of the Ephraim economy, the history of Snow College, and the legacy of people who sacrificed so much for what we now enjoy.

About the Speakers
Sandra Lanier
 is retired from Snow College where she primarily worked with low income, first generation college students to help them realize what a college education can do to enhance lives, graduate from Snow, and move on to a university. In working with 80 displaced workers after the closing of the Sperry Univac plant, she became involved with saving the old Ephraim Co-op and worked tirelessly to help restore the building as a place where local crafters and artisans could sell their creations and help support their families. Helping to keep the Co-op as a viable business has kept her busy as a volunteer for over 30 years, while she has worked full time, completed a Master’s degree, supported her family of four children (now 10 grandchildren) along with a dear encouraging husband, and given active support to her church.
She has wondered at times why she has been so compelled to give countless voluntary hours to this project, as she has never earned a dime from it, but has happily spent much of her own money to keep it going. Just lately, she has discovered that her great grandfather, Enoch Gurr, was in the Utah School of the Prophets organized by Brigham Young who came up with the state-wide Co-op idea, beginning with ZCMI. She’s now pretty sure that her grandfather has been a driving force behind her Co-op effort. She’s thankful for all of his help, as well as the help of all of those living who have also believed in this dream of restoration and helping others help themselves.

Kathleen Peterson was born in Provo, Utah and studied art and dance at Brigham Young University.  Kathleen has been creating artwork from a very young age and is currently mostly known for her religious paintings within the Latter Day Saint artist community.  Her Mormon pioneer heritage combined with her life-long international travels have influenced and inspired her unique and narrative style.
Kathleen’s art has been featured in several galleries in Utah, California and Hawaii, and also in the Ensign Magazine.  She has illustrated dozens of books including The Lesson, by Carol Lynn Pearson, A World of Faith, by Peggy Fletcher-Stack and Girls Who Choose God: Stories From Courageous Women of the Bible, by Bethany Brady Spalding and McArthur Krishna. Some of these original illustrations can be seen in the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Now that their four children are raised, Kathy and her husband Steve can be found painting and working on their farm in Historic Spring City, Utah where they raise hay, a lovely vegetable garden and enjoy caring for their many farm animals.