Granary Arts Education School Tours


Ignite your curiosity through guided tours of the galleries at Granary Arts. Beginning with works of art and their stories, we encourage discussion to foster awareness and understanding. We believe that we learn together by asking questions to arrive at new perspectives about art, each other, and the world. Tours are adapted to the interests and age range of the group.

Guided tours are available by appointment Wednesday–Friday. To schedule a tour, contact us at (435) 283-3456 or

Tour groups are limited to 30 persons. One responsible adult must accompany every 8 students for grades 1–12. One responsible adult is required for every 5 students for pre-K and kindergarten groups.

Observing gallery etiquette protects the art and ensures an enjoyable and safe visit for all. Please discuss these manners before your visit:

  • Please use indoor voices, feet, and hands in the galleries.
  • Stay with your group.
  • Look but don’t touch, oil from your fingers will damage the artwork.
  • Ask questions and share your ideas and thoughts.
  • No food, drink, or gum is permitted in the galleries.
  • Pencils only please (no pens).

To schedule a school tour, Contact us at (435) 283-3456 or