Granary Arts Stephanie Leitch Interstices


October 5, 2016 – January 27, 2017


In this installation, I'm continuing my obsession with drawing lines of tension through physical space. The line drawn by gravity feels simultaneously easy and impossible to the eye and body, resting in the most natural and perfect way given its material and suspended weight. As the line is multiplied, a vibratory field of compression and distension is created. I'm playing off these elements and bathing them in projected imagery inspired by the beams of divine intrusion in religious art, including scenes in the Mormon Panorama of CCA Christensen himself. I'm working to render the light tangible and the specific imagery abstract.


Header image: Interstices (detail), Stephanie Leitch

About the Artist

Stephanie Leitch is a sculptor and installation artist whose work engages site, systems and architecture. She received her BFA with an emphasis in Intermedia Sculpture from the University of Utah and currently lives and works in Salt Lake City. She has exhibited throughout the West, and has curated exhibitions for nontraditional venues.

She has been reared within the cardinal construct of a utopian idea of the West, imprinted with the grid as an essential restraint. In this environment, structural ideals are subject to entropic forces, and the tension between these elements is where she strikes form. She is influenced by the rigidly defined landscape and the dominant culture in Salt Lake City, and seeks to re-appropriate visual relics from her surroundings and re-contextualize them as abstraction. Her work relays a complex experience with the seeds of culture, which both the uninitiated and native viewer can engage on a universal level. Her work forces the question of the guise of beauty and promotes the experiential.